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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the bid to pass an extension of jobless benefits to millions of americans >> the government says there was seeping into the gulf of mexico from be he's got no well is insignificant the latest in a moment. >> a little drizzly get there some the fog is so thick that it feels like a little bit of light rain here in san francisco you can see a cap hanging over the city from louisa. >> much more widespread that we saw yesterday. many locations are seeing a cloud cover up their little bit of drizzle for some of that fall goods rose 3 to thicken up. here is a look at
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your 7 day around the bay. shows a pretty consistent weather pattern, get used to them morning fog and clearing into the afternoon we could see even more tomorrow. a little better drizzle as well no big changes in store but i'll have the latest on what you can expect for today coming up. james. >> thank you. a big story we're following ac transit we're keeping a close eye on the agency because there may be another day of delays for writers. this is a shot of one of their hubs, in emeryville incidentally a, a contract dispute between the agency and its workers have riders caught in the middle kron4 is will tran has been following this story good morning well. >> if you rely an ac transit to get around your bus might be late, it all depends on the drivers to call than sick yesterday will return to work eat today. yes a nearly one in five of them called an sec, ac transit officials said there was an unusually high number of sick calls forcing the agency to balder's to writers. on sundays
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he chanted imposed a new contract on the workers the contract the workers simply do not like. the union claims of the workers were not engaged in a sick out. fremont, which ran, kron4 news. >> if you typically ride ac transit and your experience delays today let us know about you can reach us at one of two ways you can send as a tweet or you think of your facebook account. george. >> thank you one of the big game plans likely possible this morning is the bay bridge toll plaza, a lot of murders reside rather than risk delays with the ac transit a lot of folks taking a see transit across the bay. that could account for a bigger back up said the bay bridge toll plaza, so far no indication of that, we're not getting any word of any serious problems yet. other than the delays then maybe experience today on the part of
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commuters. looking here at the bay bridge is you can see traffic is for this move, no problems yet in the westbound direction. we did have a back of the bay bridge yesterday, it looks as though the weaker to around the fourth of july holiday of very light traffic it looks as though that may be over. primulas to cure the san mateo bridge for pretty good right, no proms here in either direction. headlights are heading towards us in the non to new direction, no drums a marin county though there is an accident way up north in windsor. that is trying a traffic there. do san francisco windshield wipers pretty good option for you this morning pretty messy on the driver around the city no heavy traffic, no delays reported northbound or southbound for the danes like or central freeway is now check of weather here is louisa. >> good morning george, to the shot of downtown. you can see the look of this morning, really
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does widespread that the brain there is something that we're going to see continued through much of the work week. look wow!, the fog expect, it's no big changes in terms of temperature. will not just a few degrees here, is a look right now your satellite picture. schering is where we are getting from this morning to stan bernard rath, cosigned, pushing into portions of the livermore valley. temperatures at this point still sitting in the '50s. 58 degrees amount via, by the 6:00 hour the fog is expected to stick it out and back to will continue to see what it cells eight-9:00, it looks like by 10:00 we will see some clearing do the north bay, southern portions of the peninsula and we'll continue to see a little bit of blood in the east bay and peninsula until we start to mix it out. cloud cover is expected to much of the morning, afternoon highs will cool off will but temperatures in the '70s today. 77 and santa rosa little bit cooler than that down a mill valley at 72 degrees, '60s for san francisco
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mid-60s. 70 degrees in san mateo and over to the east bay upper sixties, seventies as well. los 7 mr. hayward, union city, and to fremont. kedging few eighties today. pretty comfortable weather concord, walnut creek, pittsburgh, antioch. down into the san mateo valley we're looking at temperatures in the upper '70's and 80's. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. which again doesn't show any big changes in store, keeping those temperatures pretty similar local ofs, fog is something that is to continue in that weather pattern throughout much of the workweek. and back to brothers got it again at a bet we could see even more in a way of results, slight warming by your friday. overall predictable forecast darya.. >> thank you, a new free this morning senate democrats are said to try and break a republican filibuster clearing a path for an unemployment
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benefits in section for millions of people who are stuck on the jobless rolls. they would receive an extension of unemployment benefits averaging $309 a week of his passes. democrats have stripped the bill down to the bare essentials. >> wall street stocks closed higher yesterday after early rally. the dow closed up a little more than half a percent ending at 10,00154. the nasdaq rose 1% finishing the day at 200198. a is for where prizes are this morning start futures or afford it cells and a big way the dow down 74 points. as india's trading weaker as well. the ibm results came out weaker than expected. investors are also waiting for earnings reports restrain companies including goldman sacks. will see what that does to the numbers. for the first time ever kindle the books are out selling current card books by almost 50 percent. in his son says it sold 143 books for every 100 regular books over the last
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three months. on the motor co. says it plans to sell a plug and hybrid vehicle and a battery electric model in 2012. as part of its strategy to bridge the front. as we have reported senate democrats are report to try and break a filibuster clearing a path for unemployment benefits russian millions of people would receive an extension of unemployment benefits averaging $309 a week if asked. >> the senate judiciary votes today on the nomination of the lane and kagan. the only question is the margin of the vote that will approve this nomination democrats are united in backing taken and republicans so far your anonymous in opposing her. there is little doubt there to will not be confirmed. >> the latest developments of the gulf of mexico scientists
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now are not convinced that the cap over that blown out well is making things worse, in fact the government had word for days of that the experimental cap on that oil will could cause more leagues as pressure built. but even though oil is seeping through the floor they say it is minimal, it is not really an issue. the government is allowing the capt. state completely shut above that well at least for another day will be monitoring it closely. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. >>no carrier ringconnect 2400 
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they are analyzing a binder found in his cart they're hoping to get insight from that. >> person who opened fire from a nearby building. we told about the just say investigators are trying to determine whether the sniper was linked to a group of people that were the place for tried to detain spirit there looking at surveillance video from various the locations to see if that can help them track down the stamford your eighth they were shot at well
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detaining three people in a car after finding a large amount of cocaine. it is 621 we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. a cooler day today definitely foggy out there. it is a big gray starting off in walnut creek. we will be right is a big gray starting off in walnut creek. we will be right back. ](z
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the debate touched off by the loss prototype of iphone has died quietly with the blocker's agreement to cooperate with investigators. they returned items seized to jason they seized his computer. the web
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site and other organizations said the raid was the legal because state law prohibits the seizure of unpublished notes from journalists appeared and they say he's a blocker. >> google hasgoogle has pulled the plug on the nexus 1 smart phone. the nexus 1 was google first attempt to break into a cell phone world with a handset that the design. the device did not catch on and once the current inventory is sold off, the phone will cease to exist. meanwhile motorola is having huge success with its droid phones that run the google mobile operating system. android the droid x has just hit the market, and is getting a lot of buzz kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate takes a closer look at the droid x. >> if you want the new droid x, google, android, smart phone, from verizon you had better act quick most stores are sold out, or have a really low inventory. i think this will be a really hot phone this summer and i think it is the first phoned to be a real iphone competitor.
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the droid x runs on the verizon network, it loses the slide out physical keyboard of the first droid. but you get a giant 4.3 touch screen that is bigger than the iphone. great for watching video and surfing the web. the battery on this is really impressive most google phones die quickly because they do so much. all the power eats up the battery life. this phone has a good solid battery. it has and 8 mega pixel camera, that's three more than the iphone. it records hd video. you can use skype with it for free phone calls, and it has this nifty new typing system called swipe, it lets you type in a different way, by dragging your finger from a letter to letter, the lifting up in the word is done. i know it sounds weird but it is cool. once you get use to it, it's a faster way to type on these touchscreens. verizon is letting existing customers get the upgrade price to this new droid, if their contract expires any time in 2010, the upgrade price or the price for new customers is $200 with the two- year contract. so in summary great phone. if you have verizon and you want an iphone like device, this is it. down sides,
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it is pocket, and it doesn't have the physical slide out keyboard of the first droid that people seem to like. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes and we are keeping our eye on wall street waiting for the opening bell this three minutes away. we will waiting for the opening bell this three minutes away. we will be right @@sr ♪ hey, look, it's grandma! oh, she's early. no...on the counter. [ female announcer ] art projects in the kitchen? bring it. i think you forgot her glasses.
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629 actually 630 the opening bell rang that moment ago so we are actively trading futures were down in pre-market trading so we are looking for a negative start today. the dow down 109 points a few seconds into the trading day nasdaq down 32 in looks like wall street will be a big story we will track today. >> the other big story were waiting to see if ac transit riders can expect delays again
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today after yesterday when 200 drivers called in sick because of a labor dispute. will tran is live in oakland he has details. what's going on now well? >> it does not look good so far we are in emeryville you can see all of the bosses here i just got done speaking to a bus driver she told me on a normal day about 630 there would not be any buses in there. those buses including minibuses that run along the mall. three dozen buses still inside. i spoke to the spokesman on this issue he says yesterday's 209 bus drivers in total called in sick. in the bulk of the shift should begin in 20 minutes and he should know by then how many people will call in sick today according to the driver spoke with she says
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it depends on how many sick days the bus drivers have left. those who have a lot of sick days perhaps will call in sick those who don't will be at work because the bottom line they are unhappy with the contract that was imposed on them by ac transit on sunday appeared >> top looking at yesterday how might this affect passengers. >> some lines were delayed some were cancelled there's no rhyme or reason on certain roads appeared we will see talk to the spokesman in 10 minutes he will put a phone call into headquarters he will find out and let us know which lines will be affected by this. hopefully a lot of them will be back i don't expect all of him to be back. and just by the amount of buses still in the bus yard. >> if you are writing ac transit and experience problems let us
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know you can give us your comments on our facebook page, to lead us as well on our twitter page. we also have george following mrs. weld george will keep us posted on any delays or cancels. >> so far the bay area of concern is whether or not these will be trans bay roots and whether not they will affect traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. that may impact half the people on the bus and other drivers as well. it may account for bigger delays at the bay bridge currently no such delays or problems it is an easy ride in the westbound direction you're right heading to the san mateo bridge looks good as well quickly switching over there to show you the ride on 92 no problems here or for the commute on 1 01 south southbound from marin county. let's take a look at that ride still uneasy trip across the span early occuring
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problems of north and windsor 101 southbound also cleared up and out of the traffic lanes now no back up or delays. through san jose 1 01 northbound looks good as you passed from they valleyónthis morning. 633 check at sfo are arriving flights have delays of about an hour. there is deep marine layer today continues through much of the week no big changes in terms of 's a look a satellite picture gives you an idea of what the fog or surrey where it is. portions of the livermore valley right on through the san bruno back into the south bay most areas dealing
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with fog this will continue false.;z5&6,:ko-tç by 9:00 clearing in the south bay will see fog for these bay and peninsula right until about 11:00 them we will see mixing out. still plenty of cloud cover for today. temperatures in the '50s. redwood city 56 in livermore down in south bay upper 50s from around you and 2jç afternoon were seven and keep the allies into the '70s today through much of the north bay 77 santa rosa, 76 napa valley, 85 through fairfield, peninsula you can see the coast to stays cool today temperatures sitting in the low 60s a little warmer in san francisco 65, the space temperatures in the upper 60s and the low 70's, 73 hayward, fremont, warm are there further inland to go but the temperatures coming down from yesterday's zero down and to the
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south bay upper '70s for much of the south will learn to mt. view today 72 degrees and 83 los gatos in morgan hill. 7 day around the bank staying consistent each day along fog and drizzle tomorrow morning in fact we will see a lot more of the morning fog as we make our way through the work week with a slight warming by friday. >> 635 right now this send senate vote today on the nomination of the lena kagan to the supreme court. democrats hold a 12-7 edge so the question is the margin of the vote to support her laminations democrats are united in backing their republican republicans are united in their opposition. there is little doubt the full senate will confirm kagan. >> the gulf oil spill in this
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day to a weeklong hearing into the deep water arise an incident several bp executives are expected to speak before the committee hearing this happening as scientists say they are growing more optimistic about the cap that is over top of the wall. they were worried the experimental cats may cause more leaks. they did detect some oil seeping out of the floor it is minor and nothing to worry about august point. the government will all the cap to remain shut in the completely shut position will be monitored closely. >> attempted robbery in oakland in the bay area for his job interview at google. this happened at 19th street and webster at 11379 oakland police say of 45 year-old from fairfax virginia was that a dental office in the area for the last minute dental work before his job interview. afterwards they
6:38 am
laughed together when they were approached on the street by two men who demanded money. he was shot and killed by one of those two men. the female hygienist was not injured. they are offering $10,000 or reward for anybody with information leading to the our arrest and conviction of the suspects. google are responding to the murder now. we were saddened to hear the news our hearts go out to ginned kang's family in this difficult time. >> will take a breath back with more moment and i am wall street the dow down 130 points back with more moment.
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we have to cut taxes for businesses, and then we have to stand up and compete. california needs to lead the nation again, and i think we can do it.
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word that two u.s. civilians and to afghan soldiers have been killed at a training facility in
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afghanistan. no information is known beyond that. as soon as we find out more will let you know. >> are rally in support of johannes mehserle ended peacefully with no rest and no injuries they originally started showing support for johannes mehserle he was a form burt officer found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of oscar granted. a counter protests started an hour later here's what both sides said. >> i'm for the family of oscar grant i feel sorry for them but i'm also for johannes mehserle it was horrendous mistake does he have to be accountable yes but it was a mistake. it was an accident we will make a statement make a point let them understand that your badge in your training it does not give you are raping tissue people in the back. you're there to serve and
6:43 am
protect not eliminate. >> officers were on hand in case things got under contract out of control. stores were closed down for about 45 minutes into the crowd started to disperse. >> will have more coming up in a minute a live look at the big board keeping an eye on the dow will be back with more animal with a rich
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645 this tuesday morning a shot low cloud cover and widespread. by temperatureñru! 80 back down to.
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or satellite picture shows as widespreadfá fog throughnm& thh bay along 1 01 in the portions of kd7sñ the delta through the é3o in december no gap. visibility is about 4 mi. at this current hour as we head through the next couple of hours we will continue to see fog staying put by 9:00 p.m. clearing through the south bay continuing to see low cloud cover 3 10:00 hour in along the peninsula. a lot of those clubs expected to stick around today 527 cisco, 57 in hayward, mid- 50s through livermore valley, as we head into the afternoon staying cooler than yesterday '70s through the north bay upper 70's in santa rosa heading to san rafael or fell below '70s 65 san francisco, chilly along the coast low 50s. the east bay
6:48 am
upper 60s in oakland, castro valley, her former in hayward and union city. 80 degree readings through, court will agree, antioch and its board. will see some 80 degree temperatures for los gatos, morgan hill. your 7 day around bay in shows consistent temperatures will see '70s '80s for inland, '60s for the coast for the next couple of days. >> slows traffic in the boat bay area right now the first hot spot highway for through antioch pittsburgh ride looks good but the antioch ride looks were will be seen this slowing the red is showing up the rest of your ride 242 southbound 24 westbound all looks good. a quick bridge check the bay bridge still not back up or delay an no metering
6:49 am
lights. they were activated by 635. heavier traffic for south bound ride yesterday them we do today. we are of course keeping an eye on ac transit possible delays or service cancellations we may not have an impact on the bay bridge ride it doesn't seem to be so right now. san mateo bridge is fine no delays normal drive times 13 minutes and to end commute to the golden gate bridge has no problems from orange county 1 01 southbound looks great. >> most are riders are opposed to a rollback of fair prices. receive $26 million that means our will start the fiscal year
6:50 am
with a surplus of more than 2 million of that money will be used for cleaning cars and the rest was set aside while the survey was conducted to see if the writers were in favor of a fair world back. according to serve a 20% our favor of a 3 percent reduction for four months 24% were in favor of 5% share reduction for three months. passengers would rather have long this service hours cleaner cars advanced vehicles or investments for a rainy day funds. they will vote on how use the surplus. a majority of san francisco residents surf board at $10 a vehicle fee it will raise about $5 million it will pay for upgrades to transit stations and bicycle works. 62
6:51 am
percent of san francisco support defeat 36 say they don't like it to percent are undecided the deadline to get the registration is july 31st. >> new details 61 year-old man dressed as a woman allegedly peppered sprayed a musician performing at a senate clara convention center sunday night take a look at the video during the show said was a resident approach musician as if you are giving him a flower but when he tries to take the gift he gets sprayed with pepper spray. it affected several gowers and another female performer nobody was injured please believe it was politically motivated. he will be arranged more. >> lynn still and will start serving jail time today she was sentenced earlier this month after a judge found shoe ovation
6:52 am
for 2007 case she is likely to serve far less than her three month term because of overcrowding she will then be required to spend three months in rehab and be monitored by a probation officer she entered a plea deal in 2007. >> rob lamb korea vetch he will testify after prosecutors cross- examine his brother who is charged robert said he had no part in the alleged payment to trade the senate seat forecast net he supposed. >> the dow down there reason why ibm came out and said they fell short of expectations and goals
6:53 am
and sacks came out with equally disappointing results.
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will i take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast today's foggy it is more widespread heavy air significant because we are into why a bit of a couple opera when a bit cooler tomorrow than warming back up thursday, friday and into the weekend mid-80s. following wall street the dow down 104 s&p down the ibm team of to report less than stellar earnings. add to that home construction sinking to lowest. >> dr.phil tried to help dealing
6:57 am
with in lot drama. >> do you really want to fix this? >> ultimately yes i would like to have a happy family. >> are you mean are you a bully? do you use your children as pawns? do you hold them hostage when you've no appraiser hard to get back at her? >> now i don't know my children hostage. >> are you a mean and manipulative daughter-in-law. a >> manipulative maybe a little strong. >> thomas and on dr.phil. >> will take a quick break back in a moment or of camera showing new fog low clouds and is impacting flights at s f o when our delays for flights coming and keep that in mind if you're headed to the airport.
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